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    To In-Depth World of Telecommunication

    Published on 20/12/2016

    » Mr. Apichart Swankomtorn, Vice President of Data Communication Product Department, CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, is formerly one of the technical team confining with hardware/software who is being a person behind setting up telecommunication in linking systems for many individuals/ businesses to be able to communicate, chat, and transfer data through the network with a daily tremendous amount of traffic. Through years of experience in telecommunication business development, together with behind the scenes of working to resolve the immediate problems occurred to customers on 24 hours basis. All of which offer him the opportunity to witness the advance of telecommunication technology which play a major role in almost every minutes of our lives. And most importantly, he can picture the futuristic view layout of communication which will change the lives of people around the world before we can notice or realize.


    The 7th anniversary of the Bangkok Rules for proper treatment of women prisoners

    Published on 20/12/2016

    » Prison is supposed to be an institution that corrects offenders’ behaviour and transforms the lives of prisoners so that they return to society as members in good standing but in fact it usually adversely affects the prisoners negatively, both mentally and socially. Therefore rehabilitation and reintegration programmes are key to preparing prisoners to return to society in a way that works.


    AP's annual sales reach 41,600 million baht

    Published on 20/12/2016

    » Amid the furious competition in the real estate sector and rapid changes in consumer behaviour, AP Thailand, a leading real estate company led by Anuphong Assavabhokin, CEO, has increased its sales volume dramatically as it meets the residential needs of all lifestyles.


    Amendment to cyber law is very dicey

    News, Atiya Achakulwisut, Published on 20/12/2016

    » Living in Thailand can be like playing dice. Is there a chance you will be assaulted or shot at while caught in a traffic jam? Possibly. Will a taxi break the law and refuse to pick you up? It happens all the time. How about being trapped if an illegally modified building collapses or catches fire? Not beyond the imagination.


    Government must leave no room for dirty fishing

    News, Tara Buakamsri, Published on 20/12/2016

    » Thailand is holding its breath awaiting the European Union's (EU) re-assessment of the country's notorious fishing industry.


    FTI sees a happy new year for most industries

    Business, Post Reporters, Published on 20/12/2016

    » The Federation of Thai Industries (FTI) says most of the industrial sector remains resilient this year and is expected to perform even better next year, largely due to massive state investment in infrastructure projects.


    Pain before gain for Indian banks after cash gamble

    News, Published on 20/12/2016

    » India's shock move to abolish high-value banknotes was expected to deliver a windfall to lenders, and banks have indeed seen coffers swell after people deposited 12.4 trillion rupees (6.57 trillion baht) in cash into the system.


    Tencent plans video production

    Business, Suchit Leesa-nguansuk, Published on 20/12/2016

    » Tencent Thailand, formerly known as Sanook Online, plans to set up a production facility for online video content next year to capitalise on new digital consumption habits and platforms.

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    Ringgit at lowest point since Asian crisis

    Business, AFP, Published on 20/12/2016

    » Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia's ringgit hit its lowest level against the dollar since the Asian financial crisis as emerging-market currencies are hammered by a flight of capital fuelled by an expected rise in US interest rates next year.


    Lessons from Bhutan

    News, Postbag, Published on 20/12/2016

    » Re: "English skills unlock gate to the world", (Opinion, Dec 15)

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