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    Care with passion

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 18/10/2021

    » There is sometimes a moment in life that changes you forever. It can sometimes define the course of your life. Not many have experienced that lightbulb realisation, but Sigal Atzmon has.


    Game on

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 27/09/2021

    » Not everyone aspires to a traditional career path, and while getting paid for playing games might sound far-fetched to some, it's becoming a lucrative niche for talented e-sports stars.


    Baby Talk

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 06/09/2021

    » Growing up by the beach and the South Pacific Ocean, it's impossible not to fall in love with the spectacular scenery and the sport that allows you to enjoy it the most: surfing. But Steven McArthur also loves science, biology in particular. That passion has sustained his trailblazing career as a fertility specialist for three decades.


    Next in healthcare

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 06/09/2021

    » Most Southeast Asian nations were praised last year for their swift response to Covid-19, but now they're scrambling to curb a more infectious Delta variant that is surging across the world.


    Ensuring a well-fed world

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 09/08/2021

    » Food is the one of the main pillars of our life. However, this essential pillar is being tested in this highly challenging time. Covid-19 has reduced incomes, caused economic shock and threatened food systems around the globe.


    Capping carbon

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 12/07/2021

    » While the world has been fighting the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic, the global emergency posed by climate change is growing more alarming. Powerful nations are rolling out plans and policies to weather the crisis and hoping to bring the rest of the world into line.


    Taking good care

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 21/06/2021

    » As the head of Bayer's consumer health division in Southeast Asia, Alvin So is committed to improving people's lives. It's a big challenge given that more than half of the region's 655 million people lack access to healthcare products and health education.


    Book a date

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 07/06/2021

    » With a degree in English literature under his belt, John Brown never expected to become a businessman, let alone the CEO of one of the largest travel booking platforms in Asia, Agoda.


    Shall we spend?

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 24/05/2021

    » Covid-19 has upended the life we know. The protracted global pandemic has stripped income and jobs from millions, forcing consumers to change their behaviours amid health concerns, and to reconsider how to spend their money amid an uncertain economic outlook.


    Vietnam reimagines tourism

    Asia focus, Pattama Kuentak, Published on 10/05/2021

    » Rich in history, vibrant in culture and cuisine, with striking landscapes from mountains in the North to beaches along the coast, Vietnam has become one of the favourite destinations in Southeast Asia.

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