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    Feeding the beast: Chiang Mai smoke seen as world's climate change problem

    News, Dave Kendall, Published on 22/04/2021

    » As Earth Day dawns, Chiang Mai is breathing more easily. It's been one of the worst-ever smoke seasons in the Rose of the North, with the city winning the accolade of "most polluted city on the planet" on multiple days, but the dust has settled for now.


    Economist urges 'blanket' rescue

    News, Dave Kendall, Published on 21/03/2020

    » Handouts of "helicopter money", blanket debt repayment postponements and massive fiscal stimulus programmes are needed to keep Thailand and the rest of the world afloat during the coronavirus pandemic, according to Bangkok Bank's chief economist.

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    A Landmark toast for the decade

    Holiday Time, Dave Kendall, Published on 27/12/2019

    » Where can we best acknowledge the milestone? Where better than at the Landmark, a storied and splendid destination in the heart of the Sukhumvit area?


    HK protests: Behind the barricade

    News, Dave Kendall, Published on 18/11/2019

    » On the night of Nov 13th in Hong Kong, I heard there was a protest in the city centre of the area of the New Territories I was staying in, Sha Tin. After crossing the bridge over the Shing Mun River, I notice four protesters talking beneath a pedestrian underpass. Walking through the megamalls that constitute the city centre, I see workers clearing up broken glass but see no protesters. But on my way back across the bridge to my hotel, I encounter a crowd of about 50 people yelling and screaming abuse, and working my way through them, see a line of riot police advancing from the other direction. After several minutes of shining torches and bellowing warnings through a megaphone, the police raise the black flag warning that tear gas will be fired. The crowd retreats as one or two canisters are fired.


    WWF urges Asean banks to 'go green'

    News, Dave Kendall, Published on 06/09/2019

    » The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) might be associated in the public eye with saving pandas, but a new report from the environmental organisation takes on the banking system.


    Allow unions, says ILO chief

    News, Dave Kendall, Published on 29/07/2019

    » One hundred years ago, Thailand was one of the founder members of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), a UN agency with a mandate to set labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decent work for all women and men.


    Human rights defenders face risk of 'jail, death'

    News, Dave Kendall, Published on 01/06/2019

    » Repression is rampant in Thailand and across Asia, and human rights defenders face harassment, jail and even death, according to a new report by the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (Forum-Asia).


    Abhisit OK working with military

    News, Dave Kendall, Published on 17/03/2019

    » Democrat leader Abhisit Vejjajiva says he wants "a mandate from the ballot box straight away" to become Thailand's next prime minister, that he would join a no-confidence motion against a future Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha if there were "good reasons" and categorically rules out supporting any future coups -- although he's open to working with pro-military Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) "if the government is not corrupt and will not carry on with non-democratic processes".

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    A matter of life and death

    Life, Dave Kendall, Published on 22/03/2019

    » A river that sustains approximately one-tenth of the world's population is dying. Victor Mallet's River Of Life, River Of Death: The Ganges And India's Future explores why -- and simultaneously melds political and economic analysis with a compelling travelogue and a journey through the mythology of one of the world's great religions.


    The future according to Thanathorn: exclusive interview

    Dave Kendall, Published on 03/03/2019

    » Speaking exclusively with the Bangkok Post, Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit outlined his vision of a just, democratic Thailand free from military hegemony, political and economic corruption and the world’s largest gap between rich and poor.

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