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    In a void of thoughts

    Life, Pimchanok Phungbun Na Ayudhya, Published on 08/02/2016

    » In a time of self-censorship, when the free mind is blocked, people are restricting their own expression, out of fear. With scepticism, I question how loudly one is allowed to think in such an Orwellian society. When a major political protest took place in March 2009, a Facebook friend asked me openly on my wall if I was a "red shirt" or a "yellow shirt" supporter. I did not answer. Yes, self-censorship. This might have been the very beginning where I -- as an individual -- started to keep my mouth shut. Instead of expressing my opinions, I choose to bottle up my thoughts and keep mum when it comes to politics.

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    Race for gender equality

    Life, Melalin Mahavongtrakul, Published on 28/01/2016

    » It's been only 28 days, but 2016 is already promising to be yet another fun, interesting and tumultuous year for the LGBT community worldwide.

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    Masters of understated music

    Life, Published on 29/09/2015

    » What does it take to acquire a huge fan base in a part of the world vastly different from your own? 

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    To protect and serve?

    Life, Published on 25/05/2015

    » Civilisation came about when people put away their clubs, picked up their hoes and left protection and order to those paid to enforce it. Marshals and sheriffs tamed the Wild West by jailing or killing lawbreakers. Robert Peel showed how urban police forces ought to be organised and properly run.

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    Security tightened as Samui bombers sought

    Published on 11/04/2015

    » Authorities have tightened security measures across the country after a car bomb rocked a Koh Samui shopping mall at the start of the busy Songkran holiday.

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    Asean markets down, Hang Seng soars

    Published on 08/04/2015

    » Southeast Asian stocks ended lower on Wednesday but Asian markets rallied, led by an almost 4% surge in Hong Kong on its first post-holiday trading day.

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    Creating a business plan for the 'new normal'

    Business, Kriengsak Niratpattanasai, Published on 14/09/2015

    » 'Coach Kriengsak, I want to discuss our business plan for 2016," Pravit tells me. "This is the time of year when our organisation normally starts to work on the plan for the following year. But when I look back at the past three years, I think we have not planned very well. I want to do it differently this time."

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    Erawan bomber must be caught

    Veera Prateepchaikul, Published on 18/08/2015

    » The bomber is a savage and the bomb he planted at the Erawan Shrine on Ratchaprasong intersection was meant to kill. That came straight from the mouth of Pol Gen Somyot Pumpunmuang, the national police chief, during an interview at the scene of the deadly explosion on Monday night.

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    Incredibly compelling

    Life, Published on 01/12/2014

    » That Columbus discovered American in 1492 is one of the first things American children are taught in school, if not earlier. Discovered is the operative term. More than a few anthropologists note that as Native Americans lived in North, Central and South America, they would have been living there for centuries before Columbus even set foot on Santo Domingo. There is also reason to believe that America had pre-Columbian visitors — the Vikings on the Atlantic coast and the Chinese on the Pacific coast. And hadn't the Aztecs spoken of white men in ships in their forefathers' day? Evidence is persuasive, but not conclusive of those comings and goings.

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    Well-deserved praise

    Life, Published on 08/12/2014

    » Novelists have a jaundiced view of the media in general, the press in particular. To hear them tell it the Fourth Estate's primarily sensational, scandal-mongering is their bread and butter.

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