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    Ride the rails to office heaven

    Spectrum, Published on 05/03/2017

    » Out of the 850,000 square metres of new office supply planned for Bangkok over the next five years, more than 80% is in prime development projects. Better quality equals higher rents is the primary reason driving the growth of new office supply. While prime quality counts for a lot, evidence shows there are a number of other factors that enable certain prime office buildings to achieve higher rents than many others.

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    Not another monopoly

    News, Postbag, Published on 20/07/2016

    » If a state enterprise must be chosen to run airport parking lots, PTT should not be the choice, for its core mission is all about oil.

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    FitBit Alta

    Life, AKIN, Published on 20/04/2016

    » FitBit Alta is a slim, sleek fitness wristband designed with a satin finish, stainless steel body and features a line of stylish, interchangeable bands in multiple popular colours and premium materials. Features include Reminders to Move, SmartTrack automatic exercise recognition, and all-day activity and automatic sleep tracking. It also helps you stay connected with the smart notifications you need, delivering calls, texts and calendar notifications when your phone is nearby with a gentle vibrating alert on its vibrant, slender display. FitBit Alta lasts up to five days on a single charge and is compatible with more than 200 Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices and computers.

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    Due diligence on property

    Published on 04/02/2016

    » In Thailand, due diligence is not possible for some property, either online or at the central office. However, there are other ways to find out whether the information provided by the seller is accurate.

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    You too can become a real estate mogul

    Special Publications, Published on 01/09/2015

    » The writer of a new book, “Shortcut to Real Estate Millionaire”, who prefers to be known simply as “Itchy”, found his way to big bucks by buying condos with small deposits and long bank loans, then renting them out so the tenants pay the mortgage and expenses and the asset values steadily increase alongside. His new book is a Thai-language step-by-step guide so you can do it too.

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    Thailand's Serviced Apartment outlook 2014-2015 – Search guide

    Published on 02/09/2015

    » Welcome to the 12th edition of Serviced Apartments. In these pages, you’ll find valuable tips and advice on how to choose your extended-stay Bangkok abode. The Bangkok serviced apartment market continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and this means apartment hunters are faced with a daunting list of apartment options and crucial details to consider.

  • News & article

    Serviced apartment 2014-2015

    Special Publications, Published on 21/08/2015

    » This is one of our special publications which you can view in high definition PDF format.

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