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    Fair game

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 08/06/2016

    » Online payment services are a growing platform in the age of digital commerce. AirPay is a new online payment platform that allows users to pay for goods and services in local shops at more than 60,000 counters around the country.

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    Zuckerberg gets all warm and messianic

    Life, James Hein, Published on 19/07/2017

    » I rarely post on my Facebook page, and never about what I am eating. Its primary use, for me, is to reconnect with old friends or communicate with current friends overseas. Mark Zuckerberg has other aims, claiming that Facebook is the "new church" and that his social network can fulfil the role that religion once did in giving people a sense of community and belonging to "something bigger than ourselves". With 2 billion users, 100 million of whom Zuckerberg considers "meaningful", that is a lot of influence he wields. A vice-president of Facebook recently visited Pakistan to assure its leadership that Facebook would be removing anything criticising Islam, but nothing criticising Buddhism, Christianity, Hindus, etc. This should give some indication of where Facebook's "community" may be heading.

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    Don't get held to ransom

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 24/05/2017

    » Paying ransoms seems to be the only way to regain access to data on your computer or mobile device once they are attacked by ransomware, a kind of malicious software. So now that malware called WannaCry is a threat to all cyber communities, nothing is better than setting up a strong shield against it.

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    The game as it changes

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 01/02/2017

    » Some experts believe that new service businesses such as Airbnb, Uber and those functioning as middlemen or matchmakers between users and services will face a tough time when Blockchain technology becomes prevalent.

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    Banking on security

    Life, Published on 18/01/2017

    » There are approximately 30 million internet and mobile banking accounts in Thailand, a figure likely to dramatically increase in the near future after the government launches its national e-payments system, Prompt Pay.

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