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    Hong Kong court prevents WEH divestment

    Business, Post Reporters, Published on 01/06/2018

    » Documents show the High Court of Hong Kong issued an injunction prohibiting a company owned by Kasem Narongdej from divesting itself from Wind Energy Holding's (WEH) shares, bolstering suspicions of inappropriate behaviour in the company and confirming the involvement of the Narongdej patriarch in the scandal.

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    Supreme Court upholds share manipulation ruling

    Business, Published on 12/06/2015

    » The Supreme Court has upheld the prison sentences and fines of Suree or Ravi Sansirikul and Chompoonuch Pimhataivoot for helping to manipulate the share price of the former Krisdamahanakorn Plc.

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    Foreign directors and the criminal court summons process: bound by duty

    Business, Tilleke & Gibbins International Ltd, Published on 06/01/2017

    » The criminal summons process can affect a company director in many ways and at virtually any time. For example, a director may be summoned as a witness, as a representative for an accused company, or even as an individual accused of a crime. Further complicating matters is the possibility that a summons could be issued to a company director without his or her direct knowledge. This increases the risk of noncompliance, possibly subjecting the director to additional liability.

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    KTB chief to impose discipline

    Business, Wichit Chantanusornsiri, Published on 07/01/2019

    » Krungthai Bank's board of directors has delegated KTB chief executive Payong Srivanich to take responsibility for proceeding with disciplinary actions against several of the bank's executives and employees who were found to be implicated in extending loans to Energy Earth Plc.

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    Year of turbulence

    Asia focus, Published on 31/12/2018

    » Two unpredictable men with weird haircuts and access to nuclear weapons had a friendly chat in Singapore -- and that was just one of the many noteworthy stories of 2018. Elsewhere in Asia, we witnessed some surprising political developments (Malaysia) and not-so-surprising ones (Cambodia), along with what seemed to be a disturbingly high number of natural disasters. Many see the latter as a manifestation of the growing impact of climate change, and it's a debate that is bound to intensify in the year ahead. Below, Asia Focus looks back on the eventful year now ending.

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    Exercising control over a Thai company

    Business, Published on 17/12/2018

    » The private limited company is still a relatively new concept in Thailand; the earliest laws dealing with companies were only passed in 1900, and one of the first corporations in Thailand, Siam Commercial Bank, was only formally established in 1906. Prior to this, businesses were usually organised as family partnerships that lacked any formal legal personality.

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    Short-term leasing in condominium: Getting it right

    Published on 23/05/2018

    » Following the recent court rulings handed down to a condominium unit owner in Hua Hin, two of many questions arise: Why is it illegal to rent out condominium units on a short-term basis? Why has Thailand made condominium unit short-term leasing illegal?

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    Polaris inches closer to de-listing

    Business, Published on 08/02/2018

    » Polaris Capital Plc (POLAR) faces a possible de-listing from the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) as the company's assets have been placed into receivership by the Central Bankruptcy Court.

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    Canada comes calling

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 22/10/2018

    » The bilateral relationship with Asia Pacific is becoming "very important" for Canada amid rising trade tension in the world, says Jim Carr, minister of international trade diversification.

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    Cowed by vigilantes

    Asia focus, Narendra Kaushik, Published on 07/08/2017

    » Mohammad Ibrar is a worried man. The director of Adiba Leather in Kolkata may have the law on his side when it comes to obtaining cattle for his business. But the people who would supply and transport the animals are still terrified of "cow vigilantes" In India.

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