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    The Value of a Tourist.

    By Sean Moran, Created on: 18/01/2009, Last updated on: 15/12/2010

    » What are some of the most common positive and negative results of foreign tourists from overseas visiting Thailand? Thai opinions welcome, kap.

    • ATM commented : [quote="patrickoniam":19zkcwzb]i think that if you are a tourist in another country - you need to acknowledge that countries' rules, customs etc as a tourist, it is up to you to earn the respect and respect the locals. If you do that in thailand, i guarantee you, you will recieve that back. Thats how thai people are - in general. Regardless of how much money you spend there But on continuing on volunteers and my posts - some tourist act like complete idiots and have no respect at all. And im sure they act the same way in their own country Best example is Australia - Australia has no identity and no real history or culture of its own, so aussies dont understand other countries' cultures/customs/way of life - so when aussies do travel overseas - in particular young males, they act like they do back home cause they have no clue. I can say this cause as i said previously, Im thai myself but have been in Sydney for the past 25 years. Ive seen these types of tourists and its not just in Thailand Im sure. But i have seen them in Phuket, Phi Phi and Koh Phangan for the full moon party where they trash the beach completely. These are the tourist Thailand can do WITHOUT. Theyre the back packer types that spend crap all money ( which is ok) but the main thing with them is little understanding and respect. They think they can just go overseas and act like they do back home. And treat locals like they treat people back home. These people need to learn the hard way and spend a couple of days in a thai prison!!! Im sure that will sober them up and knock some sense and respect into them in no time[/quote:19zkcwzb] OMG you say that Aussies have no understanding of other countries cultures and customs because we have no real identity , history and culture, at the same time you admit to having lived in OZ for 25 years. Patrickoniam do you think our great nation just appeared out of nowhere. One other thing "mate" its not the tourists that completely trash the beaches and its not even the tourist operators fault ,but the fault of corrupt and incompotent thai officials.

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