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    Thousands march for HK democracy

    Published on 01/02/2015

    » HONG KONG — Thousands of pro-democracy protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong Sunday for the first time since mass demonstrations shut down parts of the city for more than two months.

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    Consumer goods industry transforms

    Business, Published on 09/07/2018

    » While more than 65% of CEOs agree their organisation fosters a culture of innovation and disruption, 40% are not adapting successfully, says a new survey by the international professional services group KPMG International and the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF).

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    E-commerce forces brick-and-mortar stores to innovate

    Asia focus, Erich Parpart, Published on 24/04/2017

    » With e-commerce being fitted into their arsenals, retailers are now aiming to provide new experiences and greater convenience for shoppers. And while bricks-and-mortar stores will continue to exist, they are no longer places exclusively for shopping, but also must function as showrooms and fitting rooms.

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    Swipe and go

    Asia focus, Nareerat Wiriyapong, Published on 01/01/2017

    » Planning a trip abroad for the coming New Year holiday? In the old days, if you were a holidaymaker or a business traveller, you probably would have booked a trip through a travel agent and when you got to your destination, bought a map and rented a car to get yourself around.

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    Tokyo shares up, Europe advances

    Published on 01/06/2015

    » HONG KONG/LONDON — Tokyo stocks chalked up a 12th straight gain Monday, their best run in more than a quarter of a century, while Europe's stock markets climbed in opening trade .

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    Valentines roses: Highest price in Thailand

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 13/02/2013

    » A dozen roses in even rich countries like the US only costs 3,000 baht but in Thailand they cost 4,000 baht.

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    Inflation policy changing?

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 07/07/2011

    » Long-term central bank inflation policy ensures that people's purchasing power is not eroded and exports remain competitive.

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    European collaboration on food safety

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 27/01/2011

    » Experts in the UK are working with Thailand's food industry to prevent contamination of animal food products that can cause food poisoning.

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    ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2018

    By prnews, Created on: 31/05/2018, Last updated on: 31/05/2018

    » [b:y2jxgp89]UBM Asia (Thailand) joins force with government-private sectors organize “ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2018” (ASE2018), promoting the future of ASEAN energy journey, showing ASEAN’s largest & most comprehensive renewable energy, environmental & energy efficiency exhibition...

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    Buying property in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 17/02/2006, Last updated on: 11/11/2011

    » Nothing much to say here is there, i think that IAN has told us all there is to know and believe me.......... .he's right.

    • Hejsan commented : Truly, Thailand has many laws/regulations that discourage foreign investment. I myself recently left Thailand after a 4-year stay and never bought property in Thailand during that time due to regulatory uncertainties. Since a foreign man married to a Thai woman has already relinquished his many of his rights in case of death/accident, it seems strange that the Thai government should thus deprive the Thai spouse of 'her' property. I suspect there is resentment of Thai women who marry relatively rich foreigners and benefit from it financially. Unfortunately, Thailand is set up in a way that makes it very hard for anyone to advance by 'normal hard work'. Either you are born rich or you have to become (if you are a man) a corrupt official or criminal. For women, the choice is even narrower. This law seems directed at keeping the lower classes in their place as much as keeping foreigners from owning Thai soil. Furthermore, regarding Thai history as discussed earlier... Many Thai citizens are not ethnic Thais. They are descendants the Mon, Khmer, Lao and even Karen peoples who lived on this land since before the Thais ever showed their faces here about 1000 years ago. Today's Thais seem to think that they are ethnic Thais and have been here for for much longer than they have (as evidenced by the Wat Phra Vihean dispute). To say that Malay or Khmer land was taken from Thailand is incredibly inaccurate. The ethnically Malay southern provinces have never (until now) been culturally Thai. They used to be semi-independent sultanates between British Malaysia and Siam. Those two larger countries divied up the smaller sultanates. As for the rprovinces that still speak Khmer (Surin, Buriram, and Sisakaet), they used to belong to Cambodia and their populations are largely ethnically Khmer not because of immigration but because of Thai expansion. Cambodia (or Angkor) incorporated much of modern day Thailand. The Thais came down from China 800-1000 years ago and declared their first state, Sukhothai, independent from Angkor 800 years ago. Since then, peaceful happy Thailand has expanded whilst its 'evil, warmongering neighbours' have lost land to the new kingdom. The talk of ethnically Chinese Thai citizens being in cahoots and determined to keep their wealth is interesting. We all know that Thailand is incredibly racially aware, and such groupings may actually exist. Certainly this issue was also in focus during the PAD demonstrations and blockade of Suvarnabhumi as well. I shall follow this forum with renewed interest after reading the many thought provoking posts here. As for the property issue, it has kept me from establishing a permanent residence in thailand, but I do find the Thai people charming in spite of the tendencies to discriminate against foreigners, rich and poor, western and eastern alike. We all know how Burmese and Cambodians are treated in Thailand. By comparison, we are rather lucky...

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