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    Going for a ride

    Life, Sasiwimon Boonruang, Published on 24/08/2016

    » One of the national symbols of Thailand, the tuk-tuk will also soon serve people around the world in a new arcade racing game.

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    Upcoming events and the best images on iPhones

    Life, Graham K. Rogers, Published on 13/07/2016

    » In a couple of weeks, Apple will announce its third-quarter results for 2016. The conference call is scheduled for July 26, at 2pm Pacific Time, which is around 5am here. This is expected to be a poorer quarter, but so was the last one, and Apple still had a US$10 billion profit.

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    This big brother seeks to protect children

    Life, AKIN, Published on 03/08/2016

    » For safety and better communications among schools, parents and children, JnrLink Smart System has been launched in form of website and smartphone application to serve as a channel of communication where parents can be informed and receive updated information and news about participating schools as well as data on their children's status in real-time.

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    New Apple phones coming to Thailand

    Life, Published on 27/04/2016

    » Apple's financial results for the second quarter of 2016 should have been released a few hours ago and will be online somewhere by now. They were due out on Monday but were delayed one day because of the memorial service for Bill Campbell, a former Apple board member who died last week.

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    Muse, Kanin Srimaneekulroj, Published on 07/11/2015

    » All the explanation you need about the app lies in its name. iTranslate is a translation app that does what you would expect a translation app to do. It allows for text as well as audio based translations, so you can either type in or simply say the sentence you want translated and the app will present that sentence in whichever of the 90+ languages supported by the app. Interestingly, the app also features the option for you to select dialects of a certain language as well. For instance, someone from the North of England speaks very differently compared to someone from the South and the app can emulate both manners of speech in its translation.

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