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    Chinese history and the humble canine

    Life, Published on 04/01/2018

    » As each Chinese New Year approaches, we begin to think of the animal that will dominate the coming year. The Year of the Dog is special because unlike several of the other animals represented in China's 12-year zodiac cycle, we don't think of the dog as particularly "Chinese" as compared to the dragon, pig or even roosters.

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    The charm of enamelware

    Brunch, Suthon Sukphisit, Published on 15/04/2018

    » In a trend-driven world, enamelware remains a classic.

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    Sculpting the past, present and future

    Life, Published on 17/06/2015

    » Under the theme "Rooted In The Past, Looking Into The Future", 12 sculptures by six Southeast Asian contemporary artists in "Kohler and The Arts Exhibition" — James Seet from Malaysia, Sudsiri Pui-Ock from Thailand, Hadrian Mendoza from the Philippines, Thomas Cheong from Singapore, Nguyen Ngoc Lam from Vietnam and Lin Yuan from China — are on show at Gaysorn Shopping Center. The works touch on the way the artists see themselves and their countries.

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    Taking down The ‘Third World’

    Life, Pimrapee Thungkasemvathana, Published on 03/09/2014

    » In 1974, Mao Zedong decided China was part of the Third World, not the Second World as categorised by the Communist block. Mao's idea of the Third World deviated from Cold War-era political ideologies and discounted the history of colonialism and imperialism. His "Third World" was a band of non-aligned nations falling behind those which were more rich and powerful — the US and Soviet Union in the First World; Japan, Canada, Australia and the rest of Europe in the Second World.

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    The art of prosperity

    Life, Arusa Pisuthipan, Published on 04/05/2017

    » Feng shui Master Yun Long Zi's latest painting collection glows in the dark. When asked why he made his paintings luminescent even when the light is off, he said it was his intention to put the universe in his artworks.

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    Subversive, perverse, funny, honest?

    Life, Apipar Norapoompipat, Published on 10/03/2017

    » Joan Cornellà's art isn't for the sensitive of heart. Masked in bright colours and empty smiles of his characters, his comics are vile, controversial, politically incorrect and uncomfortable. But to the right kind of person, they're absolutely hilarious.

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    Healing beauty's wounds

    Life, Published on 17/11/2016

    » 'As writers, we should try to understand what we are not," declared Indonesia's star novelist Eka Kurniawan at the 13th Ubud Writers and Readers Festival (UWRF). "I live in the city, but I try to see what life is like for rural people. As a man, I seek the woman's perspective."

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    'A Painter from Bikaner' come to Bangkok

    Life, Kaona Pongpipat, Published on 28/07/2016

    » At Serindia Gallery, all is still and calm until you look closer and everything -- the landscapes, animals and plants -- suddenly comes to life. Magnifying glasses are of course provided. In the exhibition "A Painter From Bikaner", Indian traditional miniature painter Mahaveer Swami presents a selection of his exquisitely detailed works whose subjects range from the mundane daily lives in India, landscapes and animals to tales from mythology.

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    Asia inspired

    Life, Published on 11/02/2016

    » Louis Vuitton's menswear for this spring/summer is like a trip across Asia. Thanks to the brand's heritage of travelling, where luggage was their main product, it's a perfect excuse to tell stories of cultures around the world. In fact, that's what this spring/summer of menswear is all about -- stories across Southeast Asia broken down into different pieces of outerwear. From the birds of paradise of Indonesia, set on top of dusky pinks and sunset-hued silks, to the bold stripes that take their inspiration from Thailand's Lahu hilltribe, the season's collection exudes a satiny Asian touch. 

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    Counting Sheep Corner

    Life, Published on 07/10/2015

    » Scattered around this cosy restaurant and cafe, the 13-painting set of Thai artist "darnuiparnui" verges between the real and unreal. Employing black-and white-Chinese ink on paper, his depiction human figures blended with those of animals simultaneously reflects grim reality and vibrant imagination.

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