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    Head in the clouds

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 20/05/2017

    » Last year, the 23-year-old Waruntorn Paonil (Ink) made quite an impression with her debut single, the synthpop track “Ngao Ngao (Insomnia).” Proving that this was no fluke, Ink’s follow-up single, “Chan Tong Kidthung Thoe Bap Nai (Cloudy)” is also turning out to be a smash hit, with nearly one million views on YouTube so far.

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    Simply the Best

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 18/10/2016

    » Nutthasit Kotimanuswanich (Best) is suddenly an entertainer in demand. After appearing in the video for Atom Chanakan’s chart-topper, “Oh!,” viewers immediately took notice of his looks and style. Then, in the online short movie, Puen Gun Jib Jib Wa (Friend), Best’s natural and unpretentious performance made him stand out. His popularity has grown and grown since then. Friend has more than 1.8 million views on YouTube, while the actor himself has 223,000 followers on Instagram.

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    San shines

    Published on 31/03/2018

    » Young YouTuber talks food and travel

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    Game on

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 17/02/2018

    » What do you want to be when you grow up? A footballer? An astronaut? A movie star? How about a games caster?

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    The chosen one

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 13/01/2018

    » Since the release of its spectacular trailer, there has been a major buzz around the new Thai animation, 9 Satra: The Legend of Muay Thai.

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    Memorable minutes

    Suwitcha Chaiyong, Published on 10/12/2017

    » The pop duo New Jiew have managed to stay popular for more than a decade. This is due to their stylish and powerful singing, as well as songs about broken hearts that listeners can relate to.

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    Play time

    Tatat Bunnag, Published on 01/07/2017

    » If you’re looking to find new music, then one place you’re guaranteed to find it is YouTube.

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    Justin time

    Tatat Bunnag, Published on 28/05/2017

    » Rock singer Justin Pungumpai is living the dream. After spending his teen years idolising Toon Bodyslam, the 23-year-old has grown up to become a star in his own right.

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    Happy sad

    Tatat Bunnag, Published on 04/04/2017

    » The likeable Pramote Pathan (Oat) has made his name over the past couple of years as a successful radio DJ, actor and TV host. But many of his newer fans may not know that he actually began his career as a singer.

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    Ranger danger

    Tatat Bunnag, Published on 28/03/2017

    » Summer is blockbuster movie time. And one of this year’s most anticipated releases is the Power Rangers reboot. This is an adaptation of the iconic '90s television show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which spawned its own movie, an additional miniseries and several video games.

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