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    When your house is not a home

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 02/11/2014

    » Many expats have conflicting views of the difference between domicile and residence. One school of thought is that they are easily interchangeable, not realising the impact this may have when they die. The vast majority do not understand that probate will have a significant effect on the administration of their estate. Whether you like it or not, your domicile and the probate process are closely tied together.

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    The underlying costs of having children

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 24/08/2014

    » Children are expensive. We hear this all the time from any parent. There is no getting away from the fact that if you start a family your life changes in almost every way. For many, their uppermost thoughts are that their social life will transform into something new; there will be sleepless nights, while changing nappies and feeding become 24/7 tasks that quickly turn into tiresome chores.

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    A boom or a bubble?

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 27/07/2014

    » The world seems to be in a state of fervour with appreciating investment assets. Could the apparent nascent global economic recovery be disrupted by mere interest rate rises or even geopolitical threats? On the one hand everything appears to be chugging along very nicely in the boom. However, there are other influencing factors which many opt to overlook as most of the world joins the ever-growing herd stampeding onwards in their quest for wealth accumulation. Or are they really inflating a bubble?

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    US citizens take note: Fatca has landed

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 13/07/2014

    » After years of talk, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (Fatca) is finally in effect. How will it affect you if you are a US citizen?

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    If it generates revenue, they will tax it

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 04/05/2014

    » The economics of living our everyday lives can be painfully cruel for most people, from a financial perspective. Yet we often fall victim to the reality that we sometimes do things because they are for our own good even if they make no practical sense.

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    Property and the power of leverage

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 20/04/2014

    » Property is generally seen as a very secure investment. But are you aware that property can be used in some enterprising ways to achieve multiple financial goals simultaneously, at little or no cost to you as the investor? It just takes a little ingenuity to make this happen.

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    A different view of property investments

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 09/02/2014

    » Property is a very popular long-term investment. This is because most expats own their home in their country of origin. It is thus second nature to be accustomed to property ownership. When living abroad one can find a multitude of different profitable investment opportunities, but property seems familiar; because of previous experience it gives investors a degree of comfort, helped further by its visible and physical presence.

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    Ride the wave or prepare for the bursting bubble?

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 24/11/2013

    » Global stock markets seem to be energised by steroids, otherwise known as quantitative easing (QE). At the first sign of a reduction in the dosage, equities plummet; so why is QE apparently causing an effect in contrast to the original intention? Are you adequately prepared if the bubble bursts?

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    Why it's never too early for the young expat to start planning

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 13/10/2013

    » The younger expat community is growing in Southeast Asia, attracted by the opportunities on offer in one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. This downward trend in age has also revealed a more prevalent integration of expats into local communities. They have left their welfare states behind and are catapulting into the future with enthusiasm. But what provisions must they make for the financial challenges they will face in the future? A more independent lifestyle also carries with it the responsibility of taking care of their own long-term financial independence.

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    Young expats need to take an interest

    Spectrum, Andrew Wood, Published on 27/10/2013

    » Financial planning for the young expat _ what does this really mean? The last Net Worth column on this subject stimulated a number of queries. Most of these revolved around the practicalities or creating financial reserves and their use during retirement.

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