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    South of Bangkok, supply leads demand

    Spectrum, Published on 14/09/2014

    » Property markets throughout Thailand were affected to varying degrees by political turbulence and economic stagnation for many months leading up to the coup in May. And while slight growth was still seen in Cha-am, Hua Hin and Pranburi during the crisis, the focus now is on absorbing the substantial supply that is coming onto the market after several years of heavy activity.

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    Real estate investment guru

    Jon Fernquest, Published on 30/10/2012

    » Quitting job at largest bank in US to guide family property business back in Bangkok, today he shares his real estate development know-how with readers.

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    Tragedy as tour bus plunges into ravine

    Published on 25/03/2014

    » A double-decker bus carrying municipal workers on a field trip plunged off a steep road and into a ravine in Tak province, killing at least 30 people and injuring 22 others, on Monday night, officials said on Tuesday.

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    Land For Housing Development Near Palm Hills Golf (Hua Hin)

    By ansestate, Created on: 20/05/2016, Last updated on: 20/05/2016

    » [img:2h9n3y31][/img:2h9n3y31] [size=200:2h9n3y31]Land For Development Near Palm Hills Golf 6-1-67 Rai (10,270 Square Meters or 1.027 Hectares) [color=#FF0000:2h9n3y31]Price: 6 Million THB - 50/50 Tax[/color:2h9n3y31][/size:2h9n3y31]...

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    New Mountain View Pool Villa Near All Amenities (Cha-am)

    By ansestate, Created on: 22/05/2016, Last updated on: 22/05/2016

    » [size=200:8a3hh4g0]New Mountain View Pool Villa Near All Amenities [color=#FF0000:8a3hh4g0]Price: 3.8 Million THB[/color:8a3hh4g0][/size:8a3hh4g0] [img:8a3hh4g0][/img:8a3hh4g0] [img:8a3hh4g0][/img:8a3hh4g0]...

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    1 or Half Rai Cha-am Area Mountain View Home Building Plot

    By ansestate, Created on: 08/04/2016, Last updated on: 08/04/2016

    » [size=200:1l40wayj]Cha-am Area Mountain View Home Building Plot 1 Rai (1,600 Square Meters or 0.39 Acres) [color=#FF0000:1l40wayj]Price: 2.8 Million THB - Tax Included[/color:1l40wayj] 2 Ngan (800 Square Meters or ​0.195 Acres) [color=#FF0000:1l40wayj]Price: 1.4 Million THB - Tax Included[/color:1l40wayj][/size:1l40wayj]...

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    New House on 1-3-70 Rai Land Plot Near Cha-am Beach

    By ansestate, Created on: 11/04/2016, Last updated on: 11/04/2016

    » [size=200:o9h9nrlu]New Thai Style House on Large Land Plot Near Beach [color=#FF0000:o9h9nrlu]Price: 3.2 Million THB[/color:o9h9nrlu][/size:o9h9nrlu] [img:o9h9nrlu][/img:o9h9nrlu] [img:o9h9nrlu][/img:o9h9nrlu]...

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    1 Rai Banana Plantation Near Beach & 7 Km from Cha-am

    By ansestate, Created on: 30/03/2016, Last updated on: 30/03/2016

    » [size=200:1uvtpy0z]Small Farm or Home Building Plot 1.75 Km from Beach 1 Rai (1,600 Square Meters or 0.39 Acres) [color=#FF0000:1uvtpy0z]Price: 3.7 Million THB - 50/50 Tax[/color:1uvtpy0z] [/size:1uvtpy0z] [img:1uvtpy0z][/img:1uvtpy0z]...

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    1 Rai Corner Plot 7 Km from Beach & 7 Km from Cha-am

    By ansestate, Created on: 31/03/2016, Last updated on: 31/03/2016

    » [size=200:2blcv4m1]Corner Home Building Plot with Paved Road Frontage 1 Rai (1,600 Square Meters or 0.39 Acres) [color=#FF0000:2blcv4m1]Price: 2.3 Million THB - 50/50 Tax[/color:2blcv4m1][/size:2blcv4m1] [img:2blcv4m1][/img:2blcv4m1]...

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    Centrally Located 19 Rai for Housing Estate (Cha-am)

    By ansestate, Created on: 24/02/2016, Last updated on: 24/02/2016

    » [size=200:5kz46o6y]Centrally Located Mountain View Land For Housing Estate 19 Rai 1 Ngan 2 Talang Wah (3.08 Hectares) [color=#FF0000:5kz46o6y]Price: 38.5 Million THB - Includes Tax[/color:5kz46o6y][/size:5kz46o6y] [img:5kz46o6y][/img:5kz46o6y]...

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