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    By Anonymous, Created on: 26/05/2004, Last updated on: 09/03/2007

    » Hello and thanks to all that responded to my last questions. Those of you who have been following my last questions thanks. I am set to marry in Nov or Dec and I talked to her family. My dowery is set at 2 milllion bath and I already gave a 200,000 bath strater to show that I was interested. What...

    • Anonymous commented : When I married my Thai wife I paid a 20,000 Baht dowery plus all the food booze the wedding guests could eat and drink. A 2 million Baht dowery would be for a rich family girl of high social status, like a super star or a generals daughter. In many cases, doweries of this much are also given back to the couple if the parents are well off. The dowery is suppose to show that you are well intended and can support their daughter to a standard that the parents can accept. It's not suppose to be meant as a sale of their daughter, although that is what is would seem to foreigners, including myself. Love can be vary blinding and most of the time you wont listen to advice. So all I will say is Be Careful and get to sign a pre-marital agreement. If she really loves she will sign it. Mine did and we are very happy together now for 5 years with a 3 year old girl. Good luck

    • Anonymous commented : My wife to be is Thai/Chinese (Taechew) from Chinatown Bangkok. Her huge extended families own many businesses and properties and live in a massive house with many staff/servants. She is degree educated and has traveled all over the world. Not previously married. Definitely no children Recently I went to the brothers wedding. He paid a million baht worth of gold, a million baht worth of diamond sets. (Rings, necklaces earrings etc) diamond studded Rolex. Other gifts. And a large sum of cash. 700+ guests (oddly including many senior police) at one of the best hotels in Bangkok. They are by any standards a wealthy family. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned in this discussion is that wealthy families give back the Dowry. They did with my fiancés big sister. Even though he is from a wealthy family as well. They are not as rich as these lot. It’s all about face. To be seen to not need the dowry gains face. Although somewhat insulting. Firstly one must present at least a million baht. Then your family is not perceived as being wealthy enough so it’s given back. Funny old system. To the guy who’s been quoted 2 million. Unless she’s Royal in which case they would not be introducing a foreigner to the family. So you can cancel that one out. The only reason would be if she belonged to senior of the main 3 Police, Army, government (criminal organizations that run Thailand) it which case the dowry likely given back. Figures are difficult but if the family is not clearly “Hi So” High Society 500,000 baht would be good place to “Cap" Thai dowry’s. Also find out what family and friends paid of equal status. 40,000 seems to be about normal in most case that i've asked. 440,000 is another price that’s kicked around. Think its to do with the price of gold that is in some cases matched. Personally I’m thinking about a million baht but in my case the mother has already decided “which” house to give us. Hope I’ve got it right ;-)

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    getting divorced my mail.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 13/06/2004, Last updated on: 22/01/2008

    » I am Thai woman. I got married American about 1 and half years ago in Thailand. Now I want to get divorced and he doesn't want to fly here to give me divorced. He would like me to send him money for the ticket, hotel and food for a week in Thailand. And that will cost me alot of money. I have talked...

    • Anonymous commented : Hello all, In this thread, I have read both interesting and "out of place" comments. I would like to share my own experience/situation and maybe get feedback from you. If I understand well, I am quite young compared to most contributors. I am a 26 y/o French man. When working as a consultant in Bangkok, I fell in love with an engineer lady who is the same age as I. She comes from a good family and has a good education, even though she's not the type of woman to wear a black skirt and a white shirt. We have been together for almost 2 years now and I helped her find a position in Europe, where she will stay for 2 more years. We are considering getting married, even though this would probably be in no less than 2 years. The issue of the dowry has come up and she 1st told me some amount like 1Million bahts. We discussed further so that I could understand that it's more than "buying cattle" and she told me that her family would give back the dowry. I took some time to think about it and had many things coming to mind: thinking of robbery... then considering that even from French standards of salary, it could take years to an engineer to save that much money. Also considering that (from what she explained me) in thailand, the family of the groom would help him get that much money... but my family won't (and can't) help. ...and I also need to count on myself for paying (50% of) the organisation of the wedding, which shall (additionally?) include many plane tickets. But I understood her point and resolved that if I have to do it, so I shall. Then, the next time we discussed that, she told me that it should be something like 2 or 3 million bahts!!! there are limits to my bank accounts and this is crazy, even if she claims that it will be given back. So, I saw many posts encouraging or discouraging the dowry. I have already chosen that I will give a dowry. BUT!!!! consider this: I have spent 8 months in BKK working 70 hours per week (in average). Now I have been spending 15 months without vacation in some other European country. I am not poor but I am not rich. I don't own a house. I take part in the cleaning, laundry, cooking and I treat her as my equal. I have good manners and I am respectful of her beliefs/culture/family. Can one still just reply with a plain "if you love her, just pay the dowry"?

    • Anonymous commented : Hi chaps,been a bit busy moving to sunny Al Khobar in Saudi to earn the cash to pay my thai mortgage with the Siam Commerical. This is how it works. The house is in my wife's name, the mortgage is in my name. I had to sign the mortgage agreement and have the insurance health checketc. It is a ten year 3 million baht deal, and is quite usual. Of course, if you are a farang that cannot trust your Thai wife, then don't get involved. Just thought people might be interested. Cheers from sunny Saudi, land of the free. (I will never complain about Thailandagain!!!) Dave

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    Buying a Condo in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 02/03/2005, Last updated on: 13/04/2007

    » Does anyone have success in applying loans for condos.? I do have a work permit and have been here in Thailand for >2years now. I have seen many conditions to be satisfied before buying a condo on the department of land website and so, dumbfounded on the process. And also, can a Thai co-own a condo....

    • Anonymous commented : thats SCARY! I have a question: Is it true that if foreigners buy a condo in thailand for over 3 million baht, they become eligable for the one year tourist visa renewable every year after? please e mail me if you have heard anything about this. thanks

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    Solar Power

    By Anonymous, Created on: 29/03/2005, Last updated on: 31/03/2015

    » I dont understand why Thailand is not using the sun which is there 365 days/year. Can anybody tell me ? I am in the process of building a house but when it comes to solar energy i might have to import myself to only then be confronted with a high import tax on such products. And that while closing...

    • Anonymous commented : David, Thanks for taking the time to read my response and respond. I appreciate that biomass may not sound like solar energy to the unitiated, but believe me, it is and it is quite effective. PV solar panels simply can not be installed in the volumes necessary to make a difference. It sounds romantic, I'll admit, but why don't you try ordering several hundred million PV panels? Reality: you can't. The production capacity isn't there. You'll need to build clean rooms, assembly plants, etc. And when you finally get all this, the price will be astronomical...the silicon alone will be 3 times higher than you are paying today where you use a waste stream of computer chip silicon. As for your environmental concernes, trees are carbon neutral. They can only release into the atmosphere the CO2 that they already absorbed from the atmosphere. So any environmental fears about burning trees are unwarranted. Burning trees is *NOT* the same as burning coal. I encourage you to think this through. On a large scale, PV based solar power won't work. Maybe for hot water you are correct. Black paint and a barrel can make a solar hot water heater, and is very scalable. But no one in Thailand needs hot water. I don't even have hot water in my apartment. For electric generation, PV cells are simply to difficult and require too much exotic technology. They are not practical in an amount necessary to make a difference. You can not cover enough buildings with PV panels to make a dent in energy production. Biomass is every bit as good, and it can all be manufactured locally here in Thailand. I encourage every one to seriously research this. It is a wonderful idea, and can be implemented entirely with local technology and skills. Biomass is the only solar technology that is scalable and can be maintained locally. I read somewhere EROEI (energy returned on energy invested) on a PV solar electric system was about 7:1 over the life of the system. On the other hand, EROEI for biomass and a gassifier as I have described it (all human labor inputs, except for the manufacture of the metal for the gasifier and generator) can be over 100:1. Think about this. Regards, Tom

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    Need help and advise on mariage with Thai girl.

    By Anonymous, Created on: 22/09/2005, Last updated on: 31/10/2006

    » I am Malaysian Chinese, I am planning to stay and get married with my girl friend in Thai, she is Thais. What should i do to stay and get mariage with her? Honestly, i don't have any degree or master for me to work there. I am from medium family, mean not a rich man. I really need some advise...

    • Anonymous commented : Hi Dave, probably too late with this one but never mind. My partner and I were looking at houses in Chiang Mai at the same time you posted your message. Unless you have inadvertently missed a zero off your figure, I'd say that was unbelievably cheap. We were looking at a new-build estate out at Doi Saket where the average price was between 2-3 million Baht. If this is genuine, I would hope that by now you have moved in already.

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    Buying property in Thailand

    By Anonymous, Created on: 17/02/2006, Last updated on: 11/11/2011

    » Nothing much to say here is there, i think that IAN has told us all there is to know and believe me.......... .he's right.

    • Anonymous commented : To be honest Rooster, i do not feel comfortable with lease contract. When one owns a property , one has the feeling of security, of having an asset. This is how i am but we are not all the same. I would not like to own a condo as i feel i am only sharing with several dozen others and not a personal owner. Thats it mate , do you understand what i am saying? Another thing, you are saying, i think, that property will not grow in value in Thailand, that does not sound correct? In Aust i bought my 80 acres for $34,000 20 yrs ago, sold half for $40000. and todays value of the remaining 40 acres with modest house is valued at 1,3 million dollars. Are you saying that this could not happen in Thailand.

    • Anonymous commented : REAL ESTATE / PRIME DOWNTOWN BANGKOK SITE British embassy completes sale of nine-rai plot to Central The British government yesterday completed the sale of part of its Bangkok embassy compound on Phloen Chit Road to the Central Group, the country's largest retail operator. The price of the prized nine-rai plot to Central affiliate Tiang Chirathivat Real Estate Co was not disclosed but industry experts estimated it at three billion baht. Central edged Land & Houses Plc, the country's largest residential developer, in the contest to acquire the site. The company wants to turn the plot into a shopping area, serviced apartments or a hotel and entertainment anchor to complement its nearby Central Chidlom store. Intense competition in the retail business in Bangkok's central business district has driven Central to seek ways to build on its existing businesses, which are now constrained by limited space, according to industry analysts. Central executives declined to comment on the deal, but the British Embassy said yesterday it was the largest-ever property sale by the Foreign Office. The historic residence, the embassy and the "green character" of the compound would be preserved, it said. About 11 million (770 million baht) of the proceeds will fund redevelopment of the remainder of the compound, including new staff accommodation, recreational facilities, remodelling of the embassy offices and security work. The embassy said that the 32.3-rai compound, purchased in 1922, was larger than needed. It said the land sold was the most polluted and noisiest part of the compound, next to the six-lane Phloen Chit Road and the BTS skytrain. The War Memorial and statue of Queen Victoria would be moved to appropriate sites near the residence, officials said.

    • Anonymous commented : BANGKOKPOST, 13 July 2006 SAMUI / ENCROACHMENT BACKLASH Land ownership probe ordered SUPAPHONG CHAOLAN & PRADIT RUANGDIT Land ownership documents and land-holdings on Samui are under scrutiny, following a scandal involving a foreign firm's holdings. Surat Thani Governor Wichit Wichaisan has told staff to start checking ownership papers, amid rising concerns over spreading land and forest encroachment by tourist resorts. The move follows an uproar over an advertisement by ''The Peak'' property project, left on a website and in a property trading guide, placed by foreign firm Samui Property Solution. The project, which spans 514 rai on Kao Dang mountain, sells land for eight million baht a rai, amounting to over 4.1 billion baht. The governor said the checks would take some time. Paitoon Lertgrai, of the provincial land office, said the checks would show how each land holder had acquired property and see if any land plots fell into the hands of foreigners, including those registered as entities. Under the law, only a company with foreigners holding up to 49% of shares and Thai partners holding 51% can acquire land. Mr Paitoon said his office has asked the Commercial Ministry to check the shareholdings of property firms on the island to ensure foreign shareholdings do not exceed the legal limit. Land would be taken back from any firms that breached the law. Meanwhile, Koh Samui district chief Decha Kangsanant and land official Charoen Chanpan claimed that ''The Peak'' operator defied an order by the Surat Thani provincial office that construction work be suspended pending the land ownership probe. Concrete roads have been laid through the mountain, though construction was allowed only on the 198-rai low-lying areas. Project administrator Suthep Wangdan claimed to have obtained permission from tambon Koh Samui municipality. He also claimed to have obtained a Nor Sor 3 land ownership document over the plot as long ago as 1989. Mr Charoen said the district land office was gathering rights papers for inspection. Caretaker Natural Resources and Environmental Minister Yongyuth Tiyapairat will take an investigation team to inspect the area tomorrow. He raised concerns about forest encroachment on the island, saying local authorities were moving too slowly to tackle the problem. A regulation to curb mountain encroachment would be introduced. It would apply in areas higher than 150 metres above sea level, and restrict the height of the buildings to no more than six metres, with each development plot limited to 75 square metres.

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