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    Somtow's new opera a resounding triumph

    Life, Michael Proudfoot, Published on 19/08/2014

    » The world premiere of Somtow Sucharitkul's Dan No Ura staged at the Thailand Cultural Centre on Aug 11 was the Thai composer's greatest operatic triumph to date. The opera deals with the Japanese sea battle of 1185, the final conflict in a war which effectively ended the power of the Taira samurai clan, close relatives of the imperial family of the time. They were defeated by the Genji, led by Minamoto no Yoshitsune, whose half-brother became the first Shogun, and power was effectively transferred to the Shoguns.


    Roll credits

    Life, Kong Rithdee, Published on 17/04/2015

    » On April 2, the oldest active filmmaker in the world died. Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira, 107, began his career in the silent film era in the 1930s, took a pause to tend his vineyards during the mid-century dictatorship, and had a resurgence in the 1980s. He kept making films — at least one a year since the 1990s — until 2014. The man was almost as old as cinema itself when he passed away.

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    Shogun assets impounded, actor questioned

    Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 17/04/2017

    » Police impounded cash, vehicles and property worth millions of baht from the pyramid scheme suspect Sin Sae Shogun and questioned an actor to find out if he was involved in the nationwide embezzlement scandal.

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    Shogun gang faces more charges, bail denied

    Published on 20/04/2017

    » Police on Thursday charged nine pyramid-scheme suspects, including Sin Sae Shogun, with computer crime and illegal borrowing, in addition to public fraud and illegal assembly while the Criminal Court denied them bail.

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    'Shogun's' assets being seized to pay refunds

    Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 14/04/2017

    » Assets being seized from the owner of WealthEver, Pasit "Shogun" Arinchayalapis, will be used to repay victims of her website's fraudulent travel packages to Japan, a senior police officer said on Friday.


    A crisis of faith

    Life, Bernard Trink, Published on 21/04/2017

    » While martyrdom indicates the intensity of belief in, not the truth of, a religion, religious wars have been bloody throughout human history. Though not regarded as a war of religion, six million Jews died in the Nazi Holocaust. Christianity in general, Catholics in particular, experienced persecution for centuries.

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    'Shogun' to face money laundering charge

    Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 23/04/2017

    » Investigations into the alleged travel fraud case have panned out, with money laundering added to the list of charges and the arrest of the importer of the food supplements sold by the company, police said on Saturday.

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    The truth about Ayutthaya

    Spectrum, Jeerawat Na Thalang, Published on 16/04/2017

    » Most people think of the Ayutthaya period in terms of its cultural heritage, but Warangkana Nibhatsukit's latest book highlights the economic aspect of the ancient capital.

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    'Shogun' airlifted to Bangkok, travel fraud probe continues

    Published on 13/04/2017

    » Police continued to question WealthEver owner Pasit Arinchalatis on Thursday, after she was detained in Ranong and airlifted to Bangkok overnight.

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    Tourism scam suspect claims to be victim

    News, Wassayos Ngamkham, Published on 26/04/2017

    » A key suspect, who is the aunt of a female doctor allegedly connected to a bogus tourism company, turned herself in to police on Tuesday, insisting she was also a victim of the fraud.

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